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Thread: AZbox Enigma 2 by The_ripper - TEST

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    AZbox Enigma 2 by The_ripper - TEST

    E2 Image-a for AzBox HD Elite & Premium
    Installation is performed as with a normal FW, patch.rar Unzip the file and switch patch.bin file on a FAT 32 formatted USB memory stick, insert the Receiver, and select Update from USB.

    Enigma 2 by The_ripper - TEST -
    Hello guy's,

    With big thanks to the The_ripper, we got the First version of Enigma 2 which we can test on our AzBox HD Receivers :

    This version is only for Elite and Premium.

    Premium+ version will be out also today.

    Raskino we are shame on YOU !!! And all what You said against AzBox HD devices !!!

    Transfer the patch.bin file to the FA**2 formated usb stick, and update Your receiver like with normal azbox fw.

    All comments are welcome.

    Keep in the mind, that this enigma is running without Tuner drivers, which still have to be finished !!!

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    Re: AZbox Enigma 2 by The_ripper - TEST

    (files and modules)
    (MMP uclibc)

    Ok first I use tftpd32 server for Windows,link to download hxxp://
    I put vmlinux.bin(from first link) file where is main tftp exe file is, and after start of the program just change "Current Directory" to point
    there if allready not and change "Server interface" to your PC IP Address(mine is and let it stay running.
    Thats all to setup tftp on Windows.

    Next, boot up receiver and transfer all files from second link in
    /MMP/modules/2.6.22/ (make 2.6.22 folder)

    chmod 755 all files

    Pls make shure you have this files on DISK1 because I am using this files.

    Next, download MMP uClibc tmp folder from third link.You must unpack it on receiver because of soft symlinks.
    After extract you should have /MMP/tmp folder with uClibc based librarys files.We need uCLibc because of setting up video signal out with
    small MRUA app.

    SO, after this go into telnet console and write this command (ELITE MODEL tested!!!!!)

    setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0

    it should list all XENV settings in flash. Our main interest for now is in 4 settings,

    y.ipaddr,y.subnetmask,y.gateway and y.start,

    unfortunaly YAMON boot loader doesnt have dhcp so you must manualy add all IP based datas.Pls be cerful with this, if you are wrong with this settings you will not be able to boot and no other way to repair

    it, then to make your self rs232 cable like "telesat" user explain here.

    So before you change pls write down default values for this 4 settings but main value y.start IS MUST so you can change it back after you want to load standard FW!!!!

    Here is my values for IP datas. My router always give my Azbox receiver this IP address, Subnet mask for this range is and my router gateway is
    So this is way I will change this values for mine IP settings

    (It takes few seconds to change value)
    setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 -k y.ipaddr -v ""
    setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 -k y.subnetmask -v ""
    setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 -k y.gateway -v ""


    Next is to change boot up command for Yamon, default value on my receiver is

    y.start on my receiver is "xrpc 0xac080090; load zbf 0xb3000000; go"

    so pls write it down somewhere.

    So, next step is to change startup boot command (y.start).

    setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 -k y.start -v "net init; net initpci; net up; load -b tftp:// 0***020000; go"
    hmm 0x 9 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 ,just put it together instead of 0***020000 and without spaces!!!

    after you change all just in case ./setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 check again if your values are okey,plus y.XXXX commands maybe some letter is missing while you type it!!!!!

    It's just left to boot it, so type reboot in console and hope it will boot

    to go back after boot to standard firmware, go to /MMP/modules/2.6.22 , where setxenv program is and put back OLD y.start command value and just reboot it

    ./setxenv -f /dev/mtdblock0 -k y.start -v "xrpc 0xac080090; load zbf 0xb3000000; go"


    If all goes well you should be able to telnet/ftp to Azbox receiver.If NO, sorry I dont have solution, you will need rs232 cable to fix it,
    But if all okey, telnet and go to /MMP/modules/2.6.22 folder and use set_outport prog to activate video out signal, I just tested analog out

    ./set_outport -analog -f PAL_BG

    for digital maybe this way

    ./set_outports -digital -f HDMI_1080i59 -dvi_hdmi siI9030 -hdmi2c 2

    If anyone managed to come till here I will explain how to load FB driver, it's still in working process and it has fixed screen resolution 720x576, and maybe
    letter upload E2 files but it needs alot of patching and fixing plus writing next driver(s).

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    Re: AZbox Enigma 2 by The_ripper - TEST

    Originally Posted by MickeySa
    Dear friends,

    Here is the working version of em8634dvb.ko file.

    I tested with all FTA channels on Astra 19.2 e , You can ask with any other satellite with FTA channels. Enjoy

    This driver is for Elite/Premium.

    Premium+ driver will be published soon ( stay tuned, next days )

    Replace old em8634dvb.ko file located in :


    with new one which i attached to this post.

    Please post Your opinnion and so on.

    Known BUG is that on the first channel ( FTA channel ) when receiver is turned on that there is just audio, so just zapp to another FTA channel and there will be no more problem .

    This is experimental, but works enough well that You can watch FTA channels

    Also i put Don@ channel list , and used simple configuration with one satellite

    We wish you happy testing.

    DOWNLOAD em8634dvb.ko

    PHP Code: 

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