African ministers in favor of ISDB-T

Ministers of Communications form Kenya and Tanzania announced that they would work in favor of the adoption of ISDB-T for TDT in their countries. The decision was disclosed by the Brazilian Casa Civil Advisor, André Barbosa, after receiving the support of technicians assigned to test the system. Negotiations are also moving forward in other African countries.

After his meeting with both countries' officers, Barbosa assured that both the minister of communications from Kenya, Samuel Poghisio, and his peer from Tanzania, Peter Msolla, expressed their preferences for the ISDB-T standard. Representatives of radio broadcasting companies, who when learning about the Japanese-Brazilian system "cancelled some already agreed upon DVB equipment purchases", Barbosa told the Brazilian Agency.

In addition to the already mentioned countries, Guinea Ecuatorial expressed his interest and wants Brazil to submit a proposal for the African Soccer Cup to be held in 2012. The Brazilian Government believes that the 11 countries related to the Commission for the Development of Austral Africa will take their decision jointly as from September. Several technicians of the Commission have already supported the ISDB-T system.