ESAT resumes service after 24-day disruption

by Andy Sennitt.

The Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), an independent news and information broadcasting service, has resumed services, the management announced in a press release on Wednesday. Reaching the Ethiopian audience via Arabsat, ESAT services were disrupted for 24 days after it was launched in May this year.

“We are pleased by the extraordinary outpouring of public support for ESAT and the determination shown by our viewers and supporters to ensure that they will keep the flames of ESAT burining to illuminate the darkness that has descended on Ethiopia today. We are most encouraged and deeply appreciative of the high level of public support for ESAT,” the management said in a press statement.

Various ESAT-supporting programs have been planned for 31 July in Amsterdam, where the annual Ethiopian Sports and Cultural Festival in Europe will be held.

* Satellite: Arabsat
* Frequency: 11976
* Polarization: Vertical
* Symbol rate: 27.5
* FEC: 3/4.