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Thread: PolarEdit 10x8 Setup V0.4.2.7

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    PolarEdit 10x8 Setup V0.4.2.7

    PolarEdit 10x8 Setup V0.4.2.7 - 17-10- 2010

    Here is the latest version of Polar Star:
    Changes to previous version:
    - The open dialog was added to the *. sys extension.
    - System can be changed. (Possible only with a *. sys file)
    - In addition to FDU *. supports only the 193Kb *. sys. (The *. sys 257Kb not more.)
    - Added extension of the antenna settings (T1 / T2 / Unicable / positioner).
    - The column of the list display can be changed. (Via the slider in the status bar)
    - Improves the behavior of the left with a View FavoritenCodepage change.
    - The favorite code page can be changed via the context menu addition.
    - The selection of channels remains a view change (detais / List) received.
    - Front display retained control character / can be changed.
    - Channel properties expanded.
    - Statistical Information expanded and adapted to different scales.
    - Timer can be viewed and deleted.
    - Retained EPG timer name.
    - Update of views on change of a transponder frequency, improved.
    - Added FTP data transfer between PC and receiver.
    - Migration to Unicode.
    - Added Windows 7 style
    - RestartManager added (if PolarEdit suffers a crash - PolarEdit must have been at least 60sec active.)
    - Double-clicking (or ENTER) on a channel the Properties window is set active.
    - Better representation of the icons at different scales.
    - Properties window can be activated by Ribbonbar.
    - New properties dialog (AppOptionen) added.
    - The Hintergrund-/Textfarbe of views can be changed.
    - Added Providers view in the left view.
    - All channels of one provider can be copied to the context menu to your new favorite group.
    - Added print option for individual channels via satellite / transponder / Provider
    - Added the English language. (To be selected on the Ribbonbar)
    - Bug: Fixed printing of favorites.

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