Zappware adds advanced services to Naxoo
By Julian Clover
Published: July 20, 2010 11.09 Europe/London

A new STB deployment by Albis Technologies has enabled Zappware to provide Geneva-based cableco Naxoo with a suite of services that includes an Electronic Programme Guide, Video on Demand (VOD), Personal Video Recording (PVR) and a DLNA-based media player service.

Customers will be able to store certain recordings on an external hard disk, plugged into the set-top box through USB. The same port will also allow customers to view other content that has been stoed on a USB device.

The services form part of the Zappware Flux solution that will deployed on the SceneGate advanced set-top box product from long-term Zappware partner Albis Technologies.

“We have been working with Télégenève naxoo for several years and we are pleased to be able to continue our services to naxoo; this time with the deployment of our interactive applications on advanced set-top box hardware from Albis Technologies,” said Patrick Vos, CEO Zappware. “ It is also a key deal for us as it includes our own implementation of a media player service, which is essential in our strategy to evolve the operator’s set-top box into a generic media gateway for offering a full range of media assets, from a broad range of content sources and providers.”

Phong Pham, CTO Télégenève – Naxoo added: “Now comes the time to bring together entertainment and TV broadcast; as part of the living room, our new set-top box will be fully adapted to the digital multimedia leisure. Thanks to our partnerships with Zappware and Albis, we will place the new naxoo services in the center of the family”.

Naxoo has previously offered customers a set-top box from fellow Geneva resident ADB. Albis is best in Zurich.