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    univers 4113

    Hello all,
    how i flash UNIVERS 4113 and with wath firm?

    Salut Tous Le Monde

    Comment je cherche faire flach des Nations Unies Pour 4113 Univers démo

    et merci d'avance

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    Re: univers 4113

    Quote Originally Posted by maldini5 View Post
    Hello all,
    how i flash UNIVERS 4113 and with wath firm?

    Salut Tous Le Monde

    Comment je cherche faire flach des Nations Unies Pour 4113 Univers démo

    et merci d'avance
    Information about echolink and clones
    Hi mates

    There are currently different series of echolink

    The former with a processor ali3329 b and take the Firmware (sw)

    ALI 3329-B SERIES

    Digi Class DSR-8002 Class
    Digi Class DSR-9001 Class
    Echolink EL-700 FTA
    Echolink EL-700 FTA Plus
    Echolink EL-777 FTA
    Echolink EL-888 FTA
    Echolink EL-3020
    FTA 100 Plus
    FTA 200 Plus
    FTA 300
    FTE maximal S100
    FTE maximal S120 mobil
    FTE maximal S200
    FTE maximal S300 ohne CI
    FTE maximal S300 SM
    Hirschmann CSR-X 69 FTA
    Inpax X-2007
    Inpax X-2007 FTA
    Inpax X-2007 FTA Small
    Inpax X-2007 CA
    Megasat 4000
    Megasat 4000 ohne CI
    Power Sat P 1
    Power Sat P 2
    Rifort DVB-3023
    Rifort DVB-8004
    Samsat FTA 200 Plus
    SatConn SC 9001
    SatConn SC 9002 mobil
    SatConn SC 9003 SM
    Smartbox Di@blo
    Starsat SR X4200D
    Starsat 4000
    Starsat 4200
    SL35 S
    Titan TX 2000
    Titan TX 2000 B
    Univers U 4111
    Univers U 4113- here is your receiver
    Univers U 4114 mobil
    Vision X200
    Vision x300
    Wiztech 2100 IR
    X-2007 FTA
    X-2007 FTA Small
    X-2007 CA
    X-2008 CI
    X-2010 PVR
    700CA Plus
    700FTA plus
    800CA Plus
    800FTA Plus
    The new with a processor Ali 3329C and take the Firmware Alidvbs 29c

    ALI 3329-C SERIES

    FTE MaxS 102
    FTE MaxS 202
    Univers 4121
    Univers 4123
    Cobra CB 4200 FTA Black
    Cobra CB 4200 FTA Silver
    Cobra CB 4200 CA Black
    Cobra CB 4200 CA Silver
    Condor 5500 CX Super
    Digi Class DSR-8001 Super Slim
    Digi Class DVB-8005CA Super Class
    DVB 2023 Super
    DVB 3005 SM
    Inpax X-2007 FTA Super
    Inpax X-2007 FTA Small Super
    Rifort DVB-8004 Super
    Samsat CA 310 Super
    Samsat CA 410 Super
    Samsat FTA 100 Super
    Samsat FTA 200 Super
    Samsat FTA 400 Super
    Stream BM-150 FTA
    Stream BM-350 CAS
    STAR TRACK ST-15X Super
    This receiver use ALI 3329b DVR firmware with hard disk

    Univers 4125
    other clones with various firmware ST Series

    FTE IRD 410
    FTE IRD 420
    FTE IRD 420 SM
    FTE IRD 450 CI/SM
    Univers U4103
    Univers U4104
    Megasat 3200 (Bereich Titan TX 2100 / Megasat 3200)
    Titan TX 2100 (Bereich Titan TX 2100 / Megasat 3200)
    DSB-2300 2CI
    DSB-3000 IR
    DSB-3000 IR PLUS
    Echolink EL-707 FTA Plus
    Echolink EL-708 FTA
    Echolink EL-709 FTA Plus
    Echolink EL-808 FTA
    Echolink EL-909 FTA
    Echolink EL-2300 2CI
    Echolink EL-3000 IR
    Echolink EL-3050
    Echolink EL-3060 VS Super
    Echolink EL-4000 T/S Combo IR 2CI
    Echolink EL-5000 PVR 2CI
    Envision EN1001
    __________________[COLOR="rgb(0, 0, 0)"][/COLOR]

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