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Thread: TFC-filipino CHannel

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    TFC-filipino CHannel

    hello,i can somebody help me please to watch TFC-Filipino Channel or any pilipino program,before it was on 5degrees EAST,but not anymore,please give me some code or ,the new frequency-transpondent,hope somebody can help me, please.

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    hi....if you want to watch TFC channel ,it is available on Atlantic Bird3(5 degrees West) frequency 12711 H - SR 30000\ 1/2 and also on C-LMI (75 degrees East) freq. 3415 R- SR 16000\ 3/4...... but both are encrypted in irdeto and nagravision, respectively........have a good time my friend.

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    You can connect to my Cardsharing server, message me in my messenger,

    tiger501a at hotmail . com

    Any one who like to try the cardsharing for TFC then messege me in my Hotmail. okay

    I use Irdeto Cardsharing Server

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