German TV viewers embrace HD and 3D

Jörn Krieger

The live coverage of the recent football World Cup in HDTV by German TV broadcasters ARD, ZDF, RTL and Sky Deutschland has been lauded as a success for the technology and there is growing interest in 3D TV as well.

A survey of 1,500 people conducted by market research institute Forsa on behalf of satellite operator SES Astra found that just over a third (34%) of people said that they watched one or more games in HDTV – at home, at friends’ houses or at public venues. Among younger people this share was 51%.

Two thirds of the people who watched matches in HD said that the quality of the transmissions was considerably better than the conventional format. Around the same proportion (62%) said that watching the games in HD was more enjoyable.

German viewers are also beginning to embrace 3DTV. The survey found that 40% of people taking part in the survey were interested in such services and this figure soared to almost two thirds (63%) among those aged 14-29.

“The results show the high acceptance of HDTV among viewers in Germany,” Wolfgang Elsäßer, managing director of Astra Deutschland, said in Munich. “In collaboration with broadcasters, we will further promote this development. From mid-August viewers will be able to receive a total of 22 German-language HD channels on Astra.”