ZumoCast service launch

The makers of ZumoDrive have unveiled ZumoCast, a new service that allows the enjoyment of a consumerís entire personal video collection at home or on-the-go through applications on the iPad and iPhone and a web browser on any computer.

"Video is the killer app on the next generation devices like the iPad and iPhone," said David Zhao, creator of ZumoCast. "Just as the streaming services from Netflix and Hulu are transforming the way you watch subscribed video, ZumoCast is changing the way you consume your own personal content."

While ZumoDrive makes it simple to upload and stream content from the always-on hosted ZumoDrive cloud, ZumoCast turns users' computers into personal clouds that serve content directly to their mobile devices.

By using people's computer storage in this way, ZumoCast avoids the time it takes to upload content to the hosted ZumoDrive cloud and the cost incurred once it's stored there.

ZumoCast is currently available on the iPad and the iPhone and will be available on a host of additional mobile platforms shortly. Additional features like video sharing and enhanced music and photo interfaces will add to the richness of the service in the upcoming months.

The entire ZumoCast service, including its premium features, will be available for free during a beta period.