Nilesat 201 in orbit in the summer of 2010

Completed initial assembly of the third Ariane 5 rocket, which is to be raised at the end of July 2010 A top member of the ESC-A missiles and equipment have been installed on top of the cryogenic section of the basic vehicle. Installation of Ariane 5 was made on the premises of assembly Gujańskiego Kennedy Space Center in Kourou, then the rocket will be transported to the finishing facilities that have recently been seized by an Ariane 5 from the satellites Arabsat-5A and COMS.

In the third mission in 2010, Ariane 5 will be communications satellites Rascom-QAF 1R and Nilesat two hundred and first Arianespace intends to conduct a six to seven Ariane 5 missions this year. The first flight in 2010 took place on 21 May and was successful. Then placed in orbit ASTRA 3B and COMSATBw-2.

Nilesat 201 will go to 7W orbital position, where the Nilesat satellite will replace the one hundred and first It was equipped with three Ka-band transponders and 24 Ku-band transponders. Currently stationed on 7W Nilesat 101 and Nilesat 102 ATLANTIC BIRD 4A. Rascom-QAF 1R will turn on the 2.8 E. The satellite features 12 Ku-band transponders and eight C-band transponders will replace the first Rascom-QAF