ABC TV - a new channel with movies on satellite Badr 4

Badr 4 satellite on the Arab satellite operator Arabsat launched late last week scheduled a new Arabic TV broadcasts under the name ABC TV (also known as ABC, Movies). ABC TV is a new channel that can deliver an audience not only in the countries of the Arab world but also the Europeans.

ABC TV (an abbreviation of the Arabian Broadcasting Company) is a new television project of the Arab Media Fujairah. TV aims to reach out to viewers the Western concept. Does not intend to compete with movie channels like MBC2, Fox Movies, Fox Series, MBC Action, MBC Max MBC Persia, and others that are mostly no significant differ - perhaps just a logo. ABC TV Channel aims to bring the program for the whole family - the viewer should be in different time zones to find the shows, as expected.

ABC TV broadcasts in the morning culinary programs in the afternoon for children and youth in the evening for adults - documentaries, series and movies. All of the above programs as competing stations are broadcast in English to Arabic localization is performed through open subtitles.

Technical parameters:

Satellite: Badr 4 (26E)
Frequency: 12.092 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
SR (Symbol Rate): 27500
FEC: 3/4
coverage: Middle East, North Africa + Europe

Satellite: Atlantic Bird 2 (8W)
Frequency: 11.595 GHz
Polarization: Vertical
SR (Symbol Rate): 27500
FEC: 3/4
coverage: Middle East - can not receive a transponder in Central Europe

ABC TV reception is possible even in Central Europe (Czech Republic and Slovakia) with a parabolic relatively small size has a diameter of 90 cm from the fourth satellite, Badr It's the same satellite from which post and changed the station MBC, as well as free broadcast HD sports channels Dubai Sports HD, HD Al Kass and many other SD channels.

Of satellite Atlantic Bird 2 Stations can not be monitored - transponder uses a regional association of the Middle East.

Company Fajairah Media also operates television channels and Dunia TV Zoal TV and FM radio stations Furairah, and the Spice Coast Radio.