Ofcom removing out-of-date rules on TV ad sales

UK comms regulator Ofcom has said it will remove a number of rules governing the way TV airtime is sold to media buyers and advertisers, and said it is part of Ofcom's work of removing unnecessary regulations, and ensuring any remaining rules are fit for purpose.
The Airtime Sales Rules, which will be lifted ahead of the next TV airtime deal season in the autumn, require ITV1, Channel 4 and Five to sell all their advertising airtime, and restrict the way in which all broadcasters can sell bundles of advertising airtime across their portfolios of channels.
Ofcom has also given careful consideration to whether it is appropriate to launch a broader market study of TV advertising. A market study is a considerable endeavour with significant resource implications, and given the information currently available Ofcom's view is that an own-initiative market study is not justified at this time. Ofcom will keep this decision under review by monitoring any stakeholder concerns and wider market developments.