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Thread: Smart Cards ?

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    Question Smart Cards ?

    I am new to this " smart card world " and I have some questions in my mind I hope you help me with it .
    1st : What is the best smart card out there ?
    2nd : is there a smart card that doesn't need a continuous update ? " cuz I see some cards has 2 or more updates in a week ! "

    3rd : would smart cards be a possible solution for not shareable cards " like OSN NDS betacrypt 2 card " ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Smart Cards ?

    to the point 1 there is no "best" smart card there diffrent cards for each provider
    to point 2 seems that every card need from time to time updates never heard of a card that is only 1 time written and always working accept originals
    to point 3 NO

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