i got my new dm800hd pvr yestadayis a clone with booloader 76 sim2.01
and i have my pay cline i flashed a dreamelite 2 for clone was success i set up a configuration for 1 sat astra2 and scan all channel bu my probleme is not clearing a channelle with my cline 'i follw all step from ftp ,var,etc ok iedit cccamconfig ok i go to connection folder chose no 84 i delete a #and i paste a cline ,save it i add a cccamprio all ok i sarted a cam2.11check a scrambled chnl nothing is opening.
i test it on my old 500s clone with nabilosat image with 2.12 cam same step like dm800 and evry thing is ok i need a help what a best image for dm800hd clone boot 76 sim2.01 with what cam to use it