PKT mod 9.8 Tideglo rev 0.9.8

Tideglo Changes:

release 0.9.8
- fixed Scart/NTSC, HDMI/480i60, HDMI/480p60 resolutions (let me know if they are working ok or not,
here i can't test perfectly NTSC standard, but seems working good)
- fixed grey screen of death
- fixed some compatibility of HDMI video output
- fixed the switching between certain 1080p modes unreliable
- fixed YCbCr to full range RGB conversion
- sometimes happened that screen can get hidden when switching between modes that do not change the resolution
- some rescale improvements
- fixed some downscale bugs
- fixed some artifacts cases when stopping playback (need to test more about it)
- first try for audio clock initial setup for HDMI compatibility (people who are using Samsung's TVs and
have had problems with audio throught HDMI should let me know if there are improvements)
- fixed the bug where non-linear video zoom fail all over on (now it works good let me know how do you feel it)
- fixed a wmv bug
- fixed an alignment problem on DVD-player
- updated cross epg changes (now you should be able to use latest cross-epg version)
- minor bug fixes

PKT changes:

- New skin Basic HD (default)
- InfoCenter now works as a plugin
- Added plugin BootPlus 2.1
- Added plugin PermanentClock
- Added plugin AutoResolution
- Change to use the EPG button on the remote control
- Short press - Graphical Multi EPG causes
- Long hold - cause Simple EPG
- Thrown plugin MyTube
- New Graphical Multi EPG
- New Blue Panel PKT
- New Emu Manager 0.9.9
- New Mount Man 0.7.4
- New Skin options in the Setup
- Adjust the skins to the new changes PKT
- Slimming skins
- Optimization of libraries
- Update Picon
- Reorganization MENU
- Many other small fixes

Code: IPBOX/Enigma2/9.8_usb_sata/