Hi all

New modefecation of Nemesis 4.4 image with spectrum ii skin and CCcam 2.1.4 emu

The new modefecations

Emu CCcam 2.1.4 inside image

addig CCcam info plugin

adding ngrab plugin

extra url has been added

Spectrum II skin has been added

Some modefecation has been made on Skin

Changing boot logo , radio , search and mp3 logos

New Suoer driver that make image nery fast

arabic translation wiil work automatically

French . arabic and english languages has been added

you can change the form of channells by help button

direct recordin has been added by help button

New satellites.xml has been added

deleting non used things from image

you wiil note big var

only send CCcam.cfg to var/etc directory

send image by dream up or flashwizard

some screen shoot

New boot logo

arabic,french and english languages

Spectrum II skin

Download from this url

Nemesis 4.4_Spectrum II Skin_Mod PUMA10

ragardes to all