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Thread: How to create SWAP FILE in AZbox HD!!!

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    How to create SWAP FILE in AZbox HD!!!

    Thanx to Leitz and guys from forum, this will help with AZbox HD performance!!!

    0) I have a USB memory stick attached to my AZbox HD.
    (If you have an HDD attached to yours - the same applies, of course, with minor difference.)
    I have used AZ HD to format it to Ext3.
    HOME -> Settings -> Storage -> choose the device you want to format -> Format. Reboot occurs.

    1) Download "swap.rar" file and decompress it on your HDD.
    You'll get a "swap" folder. In it you'll find a file and a PLUGINS folder.

    2) The file is a script and it must be put in AZbox HD folder DISK2/etc/start.d
    CHMOD it to 755.

    3) Inside the PLUGINS folder there is a swapon folder (with 2 files in it). It goes to AZbox HD Plugins folder.
    CHMOD its contents to 755.

    3a) Depending on whether one has an HDD or a USB memory stick, one edits the (in Plugins).

    To edit the files below, use a Notepad2 or another UNIX editor, not Notepad or Wordpad etc.

    From line no. 33, we find the following:

    #choose device, where to create swapfile
    If you have an HDD attached to AZ HD put the # sign in front of the USB line and remove it from the other one.

    Then, we edit the file size for the SWAP partition here:

    The first one creates a 200MB and the second one a 100MB SWAP file. Do as above, to serve your needs.


    Go to HOME -> File Manager and check your USB or HDD. You should see a 100 or 200MB SWAP partition...

    Every time AZbox HD is started the script creates the file.

    My machine is now more stable, faster and the EPG plugin works just fine, with no freezes. Patience!
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