UFS910 Enigma2 Black Magic Image

SH4 Duckbox Enigma2 OpenSource Project 1126 GIT-POINT mod SVN-529 Black Magic Image

Image is designed for installation on the flash drive or hard disk SATA

Changes by sh4 Duckbox Team:

- Improvements streamproxy
- Update source is enigma 26-07-2010

Changes by PKT Team:

- Ukrainian translation by bodyan
- Updated list of channels
- Odchudzono and updated skins
- New Spiner la Forza Motorsport
- New screens for radio mode
- Added new option to BP -> Settings -> Skin Setup
- Added new option to BP -> Settings -> Fonts Select -> Fonts EPG Setup
- Added a new plugin BP-> Addons-> Install POINT Manager v 0.9.3:
image that we would like to install a throw to / hdd
- Added support SoftUSB3 (BETA!)
- Added plugin SimpleBitrate
- Added new skin PKT_BasicHD
- Updated picony
- Updated POINT Plugin Info Center
- Added new Graphical Multi EPG to mod FP
- Updated motd
- Removed 1080p mode from the installation image
- Updated Blue Panel
- Fixed a problem if you start the network LAN cable was disconnected or the DHCP server did not answer
- Change to use the EPG button on the remote control
- Optimization of libraries
- Many other small fixes

Temporarily SoftUSB3 installations by the Setup Manager recommend that only advanced people who have problems if the tuner is able to resuscitate the terminal on the RS232. Temporary condition because of lack of time, not all functions were tested. SoftUSB3 installation works properly on internal SATA drives. For installations softusb on external USB devices, and the migration from the softusb3 softusb2 problems may occur because such installation is recommended only to those who like to test their innovations. Detailed howto will appear shortly.

Polish Kathi Team