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Thread: DM800 flashing problem

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    DM800 flashing problem


    I have a very big problem to flash the dm800!
    I have try to flash a dm800 yesterday by the browser, I have waiting that the flash is 100% flashed and I reboot it. But now when I reboot, the dm800 wait on a state (as if no image on the flash) on the lcd screen is just writing "DREAM multimedia". Now I try it to flash with the dreamup with a serial link. The connection is doing when I switch on the dreambox (progress bar filled to 100%) and wait the acknowledge from the dm800 but it seems that he have no answer and in this case the button used to flash is not accessible
    How I can flash or what is needed to recover the dm800 ??? Can you help me please

    In any case I have the good dreamup and good cable!
    Because I have two dm800 one to be flashed (as explained before) and one another same model that is currently working good. When I use the dreamup with the same cable on my good dreambox, the progress bar is filled and after it, the button is accessible (and the lcd screen change) => state ready for flashing.

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    Re: DM800 flashing problem

    To advance in my problem, I use an hyperterminal to look what happens at the start log and it seems that is not good...

    (c) 2007,2008 Dream Multimedia GmbH. All rights reserved.
    Dreambox DM800
    FIRST STAGE 1.00 {BO23456}

    2ND STAGE OK, build #75 (20091005)

    0.000 - BCM board setup
    and nothing else, it seems to be blocked !?!

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    Re: DM800 flashing problem

    Switch off your DM800
    switch it on again and take note of boot loader on the Dream screen (1 second)

    -Switch off your DM800
    -Plug in power while pushing front silver button.
    Wait until you see ***stop*** on the dream screen
    -Take note of the IP address shown on the little screen.
    -Do not switch dream off
    -Connect PC (or notebook) to Dreambox
    -Start any browser (Firefox) and enter the IP address that you have copied in the browser.
    -A special screen appears for flashing the dream image on your box.
    -Go to the bottom of the browser page
    -Select the software location on your computer. It should be nfi format. (make sure that it is the same version as your boot loader)
    -Click on flash and wait few minutes for loading to finish.
    -You do not need to load a boot-loader if your software is up-to date.
    - Otherwise before switching off your receiver, use the browser to load the latest boot loader.

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