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    Reference Generation] EPG references

    The import of epg to a box requires two stages. The first is the XMLTV file which is generated and downloaded each day.

    The second part is the channels file will tells the import plugin where (to which channel) the epg should be attached.

    The Rytec team is providing both for download. However the channels file will list all the channels which are available. And thus the importer will import all the epg to all channels.

    Especially on a DM7025, with its limited memory this can lead to problems. When you wanted to limit the amount of epg imported, you had to generated your own channels list. This can be a very difficult procedure.

    I have now written a program which simplifies this proces. It starts out from your ownn bouquets and will generate the epg channels list from there. It will generate the channel files for the enigma2 and enigma1 plug-ins.

    However when you are satisfied with the large files of Rytec, and do not have problems with the large amount of epg imported, do not bother using this utility.

    I am not a programmer, so I used the tools which I know. This is a spreadsheet. I use So the sheet is written in this. It is largely automised with macro's. However it is not perfect in matching the channels from your bouquets to the channels provide in the XMLTV file. Therefore some manual matching will have to be performed. this takes the form of copy and paste of info from one column to another.

    The package is attached.

    Rytec Team
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