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    W2Util 0.003 – Utility to move services from 15.8 to 16 degrees

    This utility will help you move services in your Enigma1 or Enigma2 settings from 15.8 degrees to 16 degrees.
    Most people that do have reception of EutelsatW2 satellite has it set to 16 degrees. Switching to 15.8 leads to unnecessary problems such as “picons” incompability, problems setting up satellite receiver for a new satellite, etc… Doing this manually is possible with few “Find/Replace” actions, but one should be very careful not to mess up other services. Instead, you can

    * download this small utility (75 KB)
    * copy it to same folder with your “lamedb” or “services” file
    * run the application (if it won’t run you should install .NET framwork 2.0 first)

    It will

    * make backup of your “service”, “lamedb” and “satellites.xml” file
    * check if satellites.xml has satellite position “160″, if it doesn’t it changes satellite position “158″ to “160″
    * check “lamedb” and “services” files and move all services from position “158″ to “160″, making sure only positions are changed, and other service properties are left untouched
    * check you list for descriptions and change all “15.8″ and “15,8″ strings to “16.0″ and “16,0″

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