Published: August 9, 2010 08.14 Europe/London

The Czech Republic will shortly see the launch of a new pay-TV provider, distributing its services via both cable and IPTV.

OrbisNet, an ISP located in the east of the country on the border with Poland, has already announced that it will launch an IPTV service on September 1. Its main offer will consist of four packages, the cheapest of which will include 23 channels and 20 Mbps broadband internet access and cost CZK349 (11.7) a month.

The most expensive will offer 38 channels and 40 Mbps for CZK539 a month, though viewers will in addition be able to receive a number of thematic packages including one with seven HD channels for CZK249 a month.

Digizone reports that OrbisNet will also deliver its service via cable from the beginning of September 1.