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    Coolstream Image Flashassistent

    Coolstream Image Flashassistent 3.0 Final

    Fixes in version 3.0

    - The whole source structure has been revised.

    - An image is now very "safe", that is very reliable, flashed.
    The actual flash process is in fact only place on the box.

    - It creates an internal Telnet client, therefore, must be in the Windows Telnet client not activated.

    - Commands are invisible influence passed to the console and no more other applications.

    - It is partially working with a script, the idea I have of "RVK" ... - Thank you!

    - Support for the Coolstream NEO.

    - Secure password prompt.

    - Text / content revised.

    - The progress bar and the percentage display unfortunately had to be removed, but the status is displayed.

    - Pictures were implemented in the program.

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