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    Octagon Plugins-Addons

    Viewcam Beta 1


    here is a first litter for a plugin which allows a webcam on the screen is display. Views from the Internet or IP Webcams in its own network in order to capitalize.

    I use e.g. Foscam a clone is (definitely not be an advertisement):
    The corresponding camera's Pearl as well as most other IP cameras.

    For testing, I have configured a webcam from the Nuremberg airport.

    Please read the limitations (see below) before it gets going.

    Have fun!
    : Emo (69):

    As always, here the quick reference:
    Viewcam Beta1 08/08/2010
    for Octagon 10x8
    by maxodil


    TESTED WITH FW 10826th

    Octagon depends on the network (LAN or WLAN)

    Installation is done like any other plugin.
    (Copy plugin directory on USB Plug; the Octagon).

    Settings are in
    / Var / etc / viewcam.cfg

    Logs can see here:
    tail-f / tmp / viewcam.log

    Plugin start. Then nothing happened only once.
    Use the key with the hook the webcam icon is activated.
    With exit is disabled.

    All settings are in the viewcam.cfg. There may also
    URL of the webcam can be entered.
    The plugin should work with any webcam, where you with
    a unique URL / IP, a current image in JPG format
    can download.
    If you can provide when Webcam a format, it makes sense
    a possible small size (eg 320x240) indicated.

    An operation is for example possible with the Foscam-like IP Cams.
    Here is accessed via
    [Url] [/ url]
    (Assuming is the IP of the camera)

    - The Webcam configured when delivered by the Nuremberg
    Airport sends partially defective images (ie colorful stripes).
    This has nothing to do with the plugin.
    - The download and decompressing the data, and JPG
    Presentation is done with the little CPU of the receiver.
    This means certain restrictions (a receiver is no PC).
    - The Viewcam plugin tries to deal economically with CPU and
    Activities (threads) to download and display low
    Priority to execute. It can not yet exclude
    be that with active representation negative influences in
    parallel images can occur.
    - The OSD of the receiver, the pixels are somewhat distorted, as if
    it drags on a 16:9 screen, a 4:3 image to full width.
    This is realized in the underlying SW Sun In a
    later version, one could try to convert the images suitable.

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    Re: Octagon Plugins-Addons

    OSD Capture Plugin v.0.07


    After the start, it remains active and responsive to pressing the checkmark button.

    This (point mark 0x42) is i.d.R. the right of Rec / Pause / Stop button.

    The OSD is in "/ var /" folder.
    The plugin works from V10789 in the EMU firmware.
    Since from the V10844 a plug-in API that is the time learning
    to handle the CPU resources, it gives off as a newly linked version.

    To automatically install the plugin folder to copy to a USB stick.
    This plug the STB and off-on switching.
    In the run-up appears the plugin installation menu.
    (If it so does a non-IRD or to copy FDU-file.)

    Manual installation can be done by copying the contents of folder "plugin" to "/ var /".
    The binary is "bin chmod 755 / var / / OsdCapture" with the command to be executed to set.

    The following files are included:
    - 'OsdCapture', the actual plugin Binary
    - 'OsdCapture.ico' icon in the plugin menu
    - 'OsdCapture.descr' summary on the plugin menu
    - 'Swiss.ttf' font for Infobox

    The author does not guarantee anything and is responsible for nothing.

    ! The use at your own risk!

    Thx Eisha

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