Published: August 10, 2010 08.35 Europe/London

The start of a period of consolidation amongst Polandís largest cable operators could be about to get under way, with Aster apparently the main take-over target.

Speaking to the local press and quoted in Wirtualne Media, Multimedia Polska president Andrzej Rogowski said that his company is keeping an eye on developments at Aster. However, he added that any prospective buyer would have to take into account the level of Asterís indebtedness.

Aster is the fourth largest cable operator in Poland in terms of subscriber numbers after UPC, Vectra and Multimedia Polska. It is known to have also attracted interest from UPC and the incumbent telco TPSA.

Multimedia Polska made its debut on Catalyst, a specialist bond market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, yesterday (August 9).