RCS/RDS revenues revealed
By Chris Dziadul
Published: August 10, 2010 10.02 Europe/London

Romania’s leading cable and DTH operator RCS/RDS had revenues of around €5 million from smaller companies it controls in the country.

According to ZF, the Commercial Register states that the most (some €3 million) were from Air Bites, a company RCS/RDS acquired from Swisscom. However, Air Bites also had gross losses of over €10 million in 2009.

Infogate Telecom meanwhile had revenues of €522,000 and several other companies, including Globalview Management & Consulting and Fibre Soft Comunicatii, some €1.2 million.

Excluding all these smaller companies, RCS/RDS revenues grew by 1.2% in euro and 16.4% in local currency terms in 2009.