Pay-TV coverage grows in Costa Rica thanks to new operators

Eleven new companies have entered the Costa Rican Pay-TV market, which generated an increase both in coverage and in competition. At present, the market is dominated by three big companies that gather most subscribers: Cable Tica, Tigo Amnet and the DTH Sky. According to La República newspaper, competition produced up to a 54% variation in prices.

Operators' growth was encouraged when the Telecommunications Superintendence authorized eleven companies to render Pay-TV services over a 10-year term. Such operators render services in specific geographical areas, but jointly cover the seven provinces of the country. Moreover, according to La República, the appearance of such companies resulted from the fact that more than the 50% of the population located in Metropolitan and different areas of the country did not have access to the service.

The following are the companies authorized by the superintendence to render Pay-TV services: Dodona, Jasec, Cable Visión de Costa Rica, Cable Visión de Occidente, Televisora de Costa Rica, Cooperativa de Electrificación rural Los Santos, Cable Centro, Cable Televisión Doble, Servicios Femarroca TV, Cable Zarcero and Cableplus. Competition will increase even more when the incumbent telephony company ICE launches its already announced IPTV service. Additionally, Claro TV has recently applied for a DTH license.