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Thread: [Question] T*S for MRV

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    [Question] T*S for MRV

    Hello to all :D.

    I have a CAS 3, Cas Studio 6.9, Kaon KTSC-570 Combo and CAMs Matrix Revolutions & Matrix Reborn.

    I have the MRB 3.10 on the Reborn and it works perfect for the D*.

    I would like to know if it exists an updated firm for the Revolution in order to see the french channels in Astra (do we call it T*S or Multivisi*n or something like that? I'm a newbie and would be very greeted if someone explained it :D)

    I have checked the Neo 3.06 & MRV 2.25 but didn't obtain any result, besides a black screen :D

    Thanks so to everybody!!

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    Re: [Question] T*S for MRV

    Hi, TPS and Multi are on Hotbird. TPS should be ok with both the latest Neo and 225 files, but Multi somtimes uses AES keys which they can change daily except Sundays (I think it is a religious thing). You can get update files for 222 and 223 with the new AES keys updated on many sites.

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