Published: August 13, 2010 08.20 Europe/London

French IPTV operator Bouygues Telecom has added 23 new international channels to its line-up on the BBox. These include a new 12-channel Chinese language premium bouquet.

The expanded offer includes 11 new channels, which are available at no additional costs to all subscribers. They are Armenia 1, BNT Sat (Bulgaria), ETB Sat (Basque), ERT World and Extra3 Channel (Greece), Jordan Satellite Channel, Kuwait TV, RTCG Sat (Montenegro). TVCi (Catalania). TVP and TV Biznes (Poland).

The operatpr has also launched a 12-channel Chinese premium bouquet called Grande Muraille (Great Wall), costing €8.88 a month, which consists of CCTV-4, CCTV Divertissement , CMC, BTV, Dragon TV, JSBC International, Human TV, Xiamen Star TV, TVS, ZTV International, Phoenix Infonews and Phoenix CNE