Published: August 13, 2010 08.39 Europe/London

Romania has taken the shock decision to postpone its analogue switch off by three years to 2015, thereby stopping a tender for two DTT multiplexes dead in its tracks.

According to ZF, the decision was made by the government this Wednesday without consulting with or even informing the regulator ANACOM, which is organising the tender.

The government argues that the postponement is justified on the grounds that it will give viewers more time to buy reception equipment in what are difficult economic times and “ensure a reasonable time in which operators, equipment manufacturers and sellers of technology adapt their behaviour to new requirements.” It will require the repeal of legislation under which ANACOM began the DTT tender.

A total of seven companies were expected to submit bids by September 17, with the winners of the first multiplex licence being announced on October 18 and the second 10 days later.