Published: August 13, 2010 09.54 Europe/London

Arianespace has announced details of the fourth Ariane 5 flight of 2010, with its launcher having completed the initial build-up at the Spaceport. This vehicle will carry Eutelsatís W3B telecommunications satellite and the
BSAT-3b relay platform for B-SAT Corporation, and is scheduled for launch on September 15.

This latest heavy-lift vehicle was delivered to French Guiana aboard the MN Colibri, which is one of two roll-on/roll-off ships that transport components from Europe to the launch site in South America. The launcher hardware was transferred by road from the port of Pariacabo to the Spaceport.

Arianespace is planning a total of six Ariane 5 flights during 2010, with three of these already performed and a fourth mission in advanced preparation for liftoff on September 15.