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Thread: Dvbviewer Signal Display and H Power Problem

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    Dvbviewer Signal Display and H Power Problem

    Hi all,,,,
    I am using dvbviewer 4.01 and cannot find a way to display the signal strength meter,,,,
    I have looked at the manual but it shows how to do it in older versions.
    if I click on view on the top line I can see that hide status bar is ticked but I can not un tick it has it is shown dimmed.
    I have been trying to do a dish retune but it is very hard without a strength meter....
    Also since upgrading to windows 7, I have found I cannot move my dish to another sat without first selecting a vertical channel,,,,, If an h channel is showing and I select a channel on another sat the dish stays still...However if a v channel is showing the dish moves,,, I never had this problem when it was running under win xp. I have tried using of course different drivers but same applies no matter which one I use.. Every thing else works fine,,,,,
    Any help would be appreciated,,,,, Thanks in advance

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    Re: Dvbviewer Signal Display and H Power Problem

    Use skystars 4.5.1 driver

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