Supercanal and CableHogar migrate to DVB-C with Conax in Argentina

The Argentine MSO Supercanal, which two years ago started to digitalize with Motorola's system in Mendoza province, now adopted DVB-C technology to cover new regions, such as Reconquista, located in Santa Fe province. Grandvision supplies STBs and CAS is provided by Conax, which has already achieved MSO Cablevisión and is moving forward with TVSA Group, and is gaining ground with its DVB migration.

Cablevisión records three million subscribers; it is the leading MSO in Argentina and the second one in Latin America. Supercanal is the second MSO in importance in the country, with a little less than half million subscribers; and very few of them digitalized, less than 5%. Supercanal holds operations in the whole country and now all of them, except from Mendoza where it has its base, migrate to DVB-C.

Conax gained the two main Argentine cable operators and the fourth MSO, called TVSA, whose emblem operator is cableHogar from Rosario and Cable Express located in Salta and Santiago del Estero. As a whole, it is estimated that TVSA records about 70,000 subscribers. The third MSO of the market, Telecentro, has Motorola's system. And the fifth one, Gigared also utilizes Conax. There are also two big groups, Red Intercable and Colsecor, but they are not a company but an operators' association. Red Intercable is digitalizing with Iderto's CAS. Other Argentine cable operators such as Telered, TPO, S-Vision, Davitel and Del Viento have also implemented Conax.

Conax is the third global CAS provider behind NDS and Nagra, but was the leader in smartcards sales last year if replacements are not taken into account. In South America are Telmex operators, except from Net Servicios, which utilizes Nagra.