Schneider joins Phorm board
By Julian Clover
Published: August 16, 2010 13.41 Europe/London

UPC founder Mark Schneider is to join the board of Phorm, the company behind the controversial internet advertising technology.

Schneider, who becomes a non-executive director, has sat on the boards of a number of international companies that include United Artist Entertainment, UIH, UnitedGlobalCom, UPC, SBS Broadcasting and Blockbuster Video. He currently has investments in Music Choice, Short Films International, Ginx (Games) and Ricall (internet based music licensing market); and has launched an Eastern African TMT fund, focused on satellite, cable, WiMax for consumer and business services.

Kent Ertugrul, CEO of Phorm, welcomed Schneider to the Board: “Mark brings with him an in-depth understanding of media and telecommunications, has operated in multiple markets globally, and remains one of the pioneers of the international cable industry. We look forward to working with Mark to deliver on the substantial promise of our Company.”

Phorm has also confirmed that Kip Meek will step down from its board following his recent appointment as chairman of Project Canvas.

Phorm’s Webwise technology is designed to bring more relevant content to internet advertising. The company maintains it sets industry-leading privacy standards.