Beltelecom officially launches VOD library

Belarusian telco Beltelecom has commercially launched the video-on-demand library of its IPTV service 'ZALA', with a wide variety of movies and TV programmes now available on the service.

Beltelecom launched its IPTV service in Minsk in August 2008, based on technology from ZTE, but after completing a network upgrade in September 2008, the service has been available nationwide.

At launch, the service offered 20 channels for BYR 40,000 (US$ 13.37) per month - however, having only attracted 700 subscribers in its first month, the telco reduced the price and started offering more channels to its lineup, helping to boost its customer base to 10,000 by April 2009.

The telco had reached over 30,000 subscribers for its IPTV service by August 2009 (no more recent figures are available).