Spain: Digital + sharing is not illegal!

* 2010-08-16 11:36:37 / Janusz Sulisz
* Last updated: 2010-08-16 2:02:03 p.m.
* Source: La Voz de Galicia

Spanish District Court in Pontevedra has ruled that in certain circumstances, sharing of satellite access service offered by the company Sogecable Digital + DTH platform for third parties, that is, sharing is not illegal. Circumstances of the case relate to one of Digital + subscribers who, by sharing the network shared with neighbors, 12 channels of satellite platforms. The operator platform Digital + has accused him of illegal use of pay TV channels and infringement of intellectual property. The case went to court.

The court has not yet taken a final decision, but it can not be appealed because there was no violation of property rights. According to the court an individual (subscriber Digital +) has provided a signal to private individuals for their decoders without charge. Digital + signal is divided via set-top boxes neighbors sharing the same building.

According to the newspaper "La Voz de Galicia", confirmed the court's decision "clearly" that the decoder card and Digital + 'should be used only for personal use and does not generate money. " In this case, it was so, so the judge gave just such a decision.

The judge said that the redistribution of the signal was made locally and was not publicly available to the public. But the judge found that the Digital + platform operator may consider the contract broken subscriber, which means the civil lawsuit and another between a subscriber and operator.

In Poland, sharing is prohibited and prosecuted by the police. Therefore, the most commonly used cards are splitters.