Arabsat-5A has problems with C-band?

* 2010-08-16 1:13:17 p.m. / Anita Dabek
* Last updated: 2010-08-16 1:26:45 p.m.

A new Arab communications satellite Arabsat-5A, which recently orbital position 30.5 E replaced the old Arab satellite Arabsat-2B, is likely to suffer from minor technical problems with bandwidth C. Many broadcasters used the capacity of the original satellite Arabsat-2B at the new position 20E . According to available information, to cover a new satellite Arabsat-5A is a bit worse than the Arabsat-2B satellite.

In turn, the satellite Arabsat-5A had to offer a greater range in the C band and provide higher performance. Arabsat-5A was launched 26 June 2010 Ariane 5 rocket Equipped with a total of 28 C-band transponders and 24 Ku-band transponders.