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Thread: CCcam Web Manager

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    CCcam Web Manager

    CCcam Web Manager V.1.0

    CCcam Web Manager allows you to handle almost any file cccam.cfg web.

    Insert-Modify Delete Flin
    Insert-Modify Delete nline
    Insert-Modify Delete Cline
    Add-card limits
    Add-limits for viewing schedules

    Installation Note :

    1. Put all file in your webserver
    2. Set permission to admin directory to 777
    3. create database cccam with phpmyadmin
    4. import cccam.sql
    5. modify whit your username, password and database name to connect correctly
    6. modify load_cccam_config and change your cccam name , and path
    7. put load_cccam_config script into /usr/bin
    8. set execute permission to file chmod 755 /usr/bin/load_cccam_config
    9. add a cronjob to execute every night at 04:00 like this:
    nano /etc/crontab
    0 4 * * * root /usr/bin/load_cccam_config

    With this manager you can manage accounts in a simple, do not worry about the time, does everything automatically!

    Known bugs:

    If you remove all flin that match a user no longer appears on the user!
    to overcome this problem simply add a flin associated to the user.
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    Re: CCcam Web Manager

    Dear sir.
    what's user and password ?

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    Re: CCcam Web Manager

    Look here there is login data.

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