Published: August 17, 2010 14.28 Europe/London

The online video news service Livestation has just released an App for Boxee, bringing the news channels, announced Matteo Berlucchi of Livestation.

“Livestation and Boxee were made for each other so we teamed up with Avner and his team of cool guys in NYC a few weeks ago and now the Livestation App for Boxee is live,” said Berlucchi. “They [Boxee] have built a pretty awesome media interface that runs on computers to display video/pics/audio on TV sets or on computers using a 10-foot approach (using the mouse as a remote).”

“They built the Boxee interface as an open platform so other companies like us can build their own apps and run them on top of it. Lots of users already enjoy the software – nearly 2 million – and a physical box that can be connected directly to the TV to access web content is hitting the US markets very soon.”

The Livestation app for Boxee can be found by searching for ‘live news’ on Boxee and it allows users to watch both their free-to-air channels like Al Jazeera and BBC World News or the subscription based ones such as CNN International, CNBC or Bloomberg.

Berlucchi also said Livestation recently released a special iPad optmised-html5-bells-and-whistles version of the Livestation service.