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Thread: New patch for TM-8000 HD Combo

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    New patch for TM-8000 HD Combo


    Phantompatch TM-8000 HD Combo

    1. in the Blind Search Menu 
    Symbolrate => STEP SCAN, FAST/DETAIL => FAST(3MHz)/DETAIL(5MHz)
    3Mhz and checking freq is 10800, It will be checked
    10799,10800,10801 in one time.
    If you select 5Mhz and checking freq is 10800, It will be checked
    10798,10799,10800,10801,10802 in one time. Therefore IMhz and 2Mhz step is not needed.
    2. In blind searching menu.
    "freq-pol-symbol" display is changed to "freq-pol-symbol-s1/s2-FEC value".
    3. In banner of no menu.
    PID value display area is changed to " S1/S2 - FEC Value".
    this tuner will make channels automatically without S1/S2 and FEC value information.
    Therefore stored TP information do not have this S1/S2 and FEC value.
    First time, if you change to channel, This information(S1/S2 and FEC value) will be changed 
    to correct value when banner is displayed.
    This changed information is saved when user power off by Remote controller.
    4. Polish language is added.
    5- In advanced search menu.
    no need to add TS type(S1/S2) and Modulation type(FEC value).
    tm-8000 tuner search this TS type and Modulation automatically.
    no need of inserting any value.
    6. When Video format change, Rebooting issue.
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