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Thread: How to play Veetle live streams with dreambox

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    How to play Veetle live streams with dreambox

    How to play Veetle live streams with dreambox

    Hi Friends,

    Here is a method for playing live streams (live sports, films etc) with dreambox. Although it looks complicated - it is actually quite easy - after the first time.

    The Preparation steps are required only once. Stream setup has to be done every time.


    (1) Install attached ipk with plugin Stream2dbE2 and insert the pc-ip in file /etc/serverip.conf.

    (1) Check that pc is set up to play Veetle channels.

    (2) VLC mediaplayer (vlc 1.0.5 used for testing). Increase (Tools - Preferences - Input/codecs - Access modules) - http cache to 4000ms

    (3) Install TCPView for Windows from - h**p://

    (4) Make a text file with these two lines :-

    cd [path to program folder VLC]
    vlc http://[pc-ip]:[veetle port]/[veetle ip],[veetle channel id] :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=2000,venc=ffmpeg{s trict-rc=1},width=352,hei
    mp2a,ab=128,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:std{acces s=http,mux=ts{pid-video=6
    8,pid-audio=69},dst=:9090/dboxstream.ts} :sout-all :sout-keep

    To get the veetle ip - do Start-Run-cmd and in the command window type


    The veetle channel id is the item after # in the channel url. For example in the channel id is 4c2adb91303af

    How to get the veetle port is explained later in Setup stream.

    Save and close this text file and name it vlc.bat

    An example vlc.bat is attached.


    Open a Veetle channel on the browser.

    Start TCPView. Scroll down to lines like these (starting with 'player.exe') :

    player.exe 2444 TCP MAINCOMP 3359 localhost 3358 ESTABLISHED 265 530 270 5,
    856 20 217 10 10
    player.exe 2444 TCP MAINCOMP 3366 localhost 3365 ESTABLISHED 253 1,344,733 24,860 6

    Select the line with the larger figure under Rcvd Bytes. In this line the item under Remote Port is the 'veetle port'.

    Edit the vlc.bat file to insert the veetle port and veetle channel id.

    Doble-click on vlc.bat. The will start vlc and streaming. After approximately 15 seconds - the streaming will stop and vlc will show the > symbol. Press it and streaming will retart.

    The veetle channel will stop - but keep the browser open.

    Finally :-

    On the dreambox Start plugin Stream2dbE2 and the veetle channel should show !

    Regards, pcd.
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    Re: How to play Veetle live streams with dreambox

    Need some help. Followed your explanation all the way through, but as i start VLC the stream goes down in the browser and it says "Temporarily offline. Try again in 5 mins"

    As soon as i refresh the browser it works again, but ports have changed.

    How can i fix this?

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