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Thread: OSCam Maxiboot Installer

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    OSCam Maxiboot Installer

    Maxiboot Installer V0.5

    Here is the first version of the Maxiboot Installer.
    This time it's complete differenct as the Mini Control Panel.
    Here is it the user who decides which stick and partition to use for MINI.( still depending of the bootdesc )
    Because the original software doen't mount ext2 partition you can not use them for Mini.
    So i add the option "MOUNT", right click on the partition.
    It will mount the stick to /var/mnt/{labelname}.
    It's not importent where the mount is done because you need it only to install the image.
    Why /var/mnt/... because the dir /STORAGE/... is read only.
    And /tmp = /dev/tmp have not enough free space.
    Check partition don't work with the original soft (not yet)
    After mount you can install the USB-Image.
    Or you can rename it.
    The image naam is NOT written in the bootargs !!!
    I did choose to create a file with the image name inside.
    So on every partition where you install a USB-Image with MI you will find a file ".maxiboot" in the root.
    In this file you will see the image name. This is also shown in MI.
    There are no advanced option, because i can't write to the bootargs.
    This will all added in the future.
    For the moment MI doesn't stop the enigma2 while installing (not yey made a check if E2 runs).
    I don't think it's needed on the Atevio.
    I have always installed my USB-images on a running System.
    But when problems then i will changes it.
    - rewrite the check filesize routine
    - rewrite show partitions
    - add question if partition should be formated before installing
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    Re: OSCam Maxiboot Installer

    OSCam Maxiboot Installer V0.6

    fix mount for original firmware V0.31
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