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Thread: Mopedus plugin

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    Mopedus plugin

    Test plug Mopedus
    Offer your attention to the testing version of the plugin with support multiprofilnosti.
    In fact it is a logical continuation of the plug xModem, but the shape is almost half the other plugin. Therefore require careful testing and detecting bugs and errors.
    Comments, suggestions, proposals for the plugin interface and improve its efficiency, but also sensible and reasonable criticism, are welcome.

    Set, as usual. Plugin xModem delete is not required.

    1. Unpack the tarball from the zip-archive to /tmp Dreambox
    2. For Telnet to perform two commands:

    cd /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions
          tar-xzvf /tmp/e2-Mopedus-plugin-v .*. tar.gz
    3. Reload Enigma menu Restart GUI

    After installing the plugin look in the menu Plugins.

    Remove plug:

    1. Connect to the Dream on Telnet
    2. Execute the command, only carefully (make no mistake!):

    rm-rf /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/Mopedus
    3. Reload Enigma menu Restart GUI

    Always before installing the new version remove the previous!

    Authors: lagush, ASFILL ®, vlamo
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    Re: Mopedus plugin

    is there any updated version for this plugin?

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