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Thread: csp tracker url server, who wana join?

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    csp tracker url server, who wana join?

    csp tracker url server, who wana join?

    hi to all,
    i have csp with tracker url sever.
    and my status is arbiter-all: 623
    arbiter-mine: 1
    avg-received-bytes/s: 2745
    avg-sent-bytes/s: 2097
    cache-peers: 30
    cached-ecms: 265
    cached-services: [196a, 1cfc, 1091, 35, 6b1, 2332, 1c93, 232c, 1d99, 1978, 2010, 232b, 107b, 2b, 232a, c5d5, 13d, 107d, 13e, 107e, 232f, 2c2e, 2aaa, 2329, 2dc7, 13ef, 1c85, 772f, 1586, 29, c4e5, 1591, c5da, 7, 1b, 1710, 1d, 157e, 2cbf, 183c, 183b, 183a, c4ae, 2dd9, 37a1, 183f, 1070, 183d, 13f0, dd, 119c, 1841, 2dcc, d35b, 15f, 759d, 6a6, 5a3, 17a, 5a1, a, ef10, 2aa8, 36b2, 711, 36b3, 41a, 2581, 1bc2, f75, 77c0, d6, 2484, d1, d2, 1fc9, 1d58, cb8c, 1bbd, 1bbc, 1c56, 1bbe, 84, 1d2a, 8fe, 8fd, eea, 2261, eed, fac, d6db, 135, c4ef, eda, 31f0, ef9, ef6, 168a, 7d6, 143, 7856, 145, 2486, cb91, fe6, 7de, 1203, 1bc0, 1fb8, 12d, 31e4, 31e3, ee6, 142, 141, cc0b, cce2, 11fc, cc0a, 11fa, 1391, 3b65, 1b61, d7aa, cbbf, 2ee5, cf79, 2ee0, c481, 20d2, c47c, 3be6, 1e1f, 1e1e, 78bc, 1b5e, 1b5f, 1519, 1612, 11ff, 3ef, d7d3, 125d, ccba, bea, 8c, ceb, 139d, cd37, 1261, 3ff, 2f03, 379f, 87a, 1771, cba6, 1772, 1777, 2f08, 1778, 20f7, 75ff, 57d, 57f, 7a, 138b, 43b6, 1ff, 6fee, 14c4, 4f55, 2f12, d444, 196, 1865, cd14, 2505, 1dca, 5b9, 13ae, c5bc, c7c9, cd19, 122b, 15ba, 122c, 1139, 15bb, 1133, 2906, 10d0, 132d, 2b5f, 1dc8, 10d1, 132b, 10d8, 1233, 1dbf, cd28, 2f0d, afc, cd23, d453, 4f62, 1332, 219f, 1db1, 10ce, 10cf, d426, d421, 25a, d804, 74e, d809, d025, 3c8e, 1968, 1965, d430, cc08, cc09, 5e4, 5e6, d818, 5e0, 15b9]
    instant-hits: 2006
    peer-pings: {}

    who wana join this tracker url
    need stable and max ping 70ms and with good ecm cache.

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    Re: csp tracker url server, who wana join?

    What is this :csp tracker url server???

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