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Thread: TeChSat Panel v0.9 for PLi (e2)

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    TeChSat Panel v0.9 for PLi (e2)

    TeChSat Panel v0.9 for PLi (e2)
    ** TeChSat Panel v0.9 for PLi images Enigma2 **
    ********* Powered by TeChSat Team *********

    We present our new plugin , this version is beta,
    the plugin is designed to work on Firmware Enigma2-PLi Images or all images based on PLi with PPanel
    tested the functionality on decoder Vu+
    This plugin is used to update the softcam in your receiver.
    The softcam is produced by TechSat team, and updated in real time.
    With the plugin, it is possible to update both the CCcam MGcam
    Specifically the CCcam,
    you can choose to update the softcam Full; only SoftCam.Key; only
    This will give users access to not delete or modify your custom file

    1 - copy 'enigma2-plugin-Techsat.ipk' in /tmp
    2 - by telnet, send the command:ipkg install enigma2-plugin-Techsat.ipk
    3 - After installation, restart the decoder

    TechSat Panel is housed in PPanel (BLUE button -> PPanel -> TechSat-Panel_v0.9)

    ..good fun to TechSat Team
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