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Thread: DVB-T and DVB_C stick working on Vu duo

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    DVB-T and DVB_C stick working on Vu duo

    DVB-T and DVB_C stick working on Vu duo

    Just to comment I own a Sundtek USB DVB-C and DVB-T stick and after the VU drivers update from 1308 and the fix of vtuner inertaface finally I managed to use it on my Vu duo. This is a sitck that works both for DVB-C and DVB-T. Find below a small how to:
    Required files:
    Not required but usefull configuring script:
    Also scitpts for launching enclosed and a ppanel to makes things easy enclosed:
    On my trials both dvb-c and dvb-t works correctly, however I was not able to do an automatic scan on dvb-c (not know if it is my problem or sundteck) but it works with imported channel list. DVB-T no problem.
    Also I sometimes have the feeling of audio sync delay, but I can say that it basically works great.
    Hope it is usefull.
    ipk enclosed. All the drivers are from sundtek, not mine, and the scirpts based on info taken from the inet and the ppanel based on the info from pli wiki. Obviously only works with sundtek sticks.
    I understand that there is no probelm to post them. In fact the specific file needed for the VU usbkhelper-vuplus.ko is open source acording to sundetek support page.
    Best regards.
    gracias a labascal

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    Re: DVB-T and DVB_C stick working on Vu duo

    for VTI gracias a scope34


    und driver specific ones like dvb-usb-*.ko and also firmware.

    And attached a shellscript and usbtuner Binary, so have should have all thing.
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