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Thread: I was forwarded this info: Check it out

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    Question I was forwarded this info: Check it out

    I was forwarded this info: Check it out

    " Hi folks i've just started to see if a modified firmware can work in FTA and with Nagravision3 smartcard
    i've a french canalsatelite receiver pioneer TS7 since no one working on it i want to start todo a update
    like the last Generator version compatible via3 ect for now the firmware work only with Nagra3 smartcard
    but i hope someone can teach me or explain me what i've todo when i start from scratch how patch the code
    of channel store to save more than 500channels how to add new section ect... i'm not a noob i think i can
    understand it very quickly for now i upload the alpha1 work like a charme on Canalsatelite and canal+ france .

    HOW TO :
    to enable the nagra3 smartcard when you are on any channel you have to press :
    [+] , (D) ,[5] and [3] AUTO SYS : SECA press [+]

    again to exit voilą .
    Anyone has idea of this???
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    Re: I was forwarded this info: Check it out


    seems to be a trick to activate card reader for french csat/c+ seca/nagra card (018) on official receiver like TS7 with patched firmware generator. can be useful for french subsciber with this kind of card


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