Q-ACTIVE 'Explore' [26 August 2010]

The QBox is much more than just a Dream ... It's a Reality.
New in this update:
Updated Channel list.
As it's been a year since the last release,
This Image has been refreshed and checked for any errors.
Key updaters:
[SatfreaksEmu Pack Downloader]
[HackSat v9b]
[Luxsat v3.0]
To access the above, just click the Blue button.
Customise your QBox BootLogo:
If you would like to customise your QBox bootup logo, post the image in jpeg format [zipped] at the link below, that you would like to use as your bootup image, and I shall convert it for you to install on to your QBox.
Just post your image on the following link for converting:

How to Install a Backup Image:
To load a backup image, open QBox Updater and click either Restore Backup, or QBox Update, depending on which Updater your currently using, then select the backup you wish to install, and click 'Yes' in the pop up window, the installation will then auto start.
Quick Reboot:
Once you have installed an image, click the 'Reboot' button on the Updater, I would recommend using 'Updater 1.0.7' which I still find the best uploader.
Manual Reboot:
Switch off the QBox by the rocker switch on the rear of the receiver, and then wait for a minimum of 5 seconds before turning back on.
More info on installing a backup image can be found at:
After the boot logo has been displayed, there will be a delay of upto 1 minute, during the boot process the ['Duolabs QBox One] logo will be displayed intermitantly, so you will know the loading process is still active.
Default Settings:
The default satellite is: Astra 1 [19.2e]
Russia Today: is the default start-up channel
CCcam: is the default Emu
Language: English
Time Zone: GMT
Selecting Emu's:
First click the Blue button then click on Emustarter 1.1
to access Conax or DigitALB channels, click on the Red button or highlight and click UNDERW.
For DigiTV, Premiere, Polsat etc, just click on the Blue or Yellow button in Emustarter, or highlight and click CCcam or MGCamd
To activate an Emu:
1 .. If a channel don't auto open in 10 seconds try options 2 or 3
2 .. Change channel, and that will activate the selected Emu.
3 .. Go directly back into the Emustarter options, and highlight and click ENIGMA, after a short pause it will restart using the selected Emu.
How To access Sky German Select PPV channels:
Simply Select Portal channel, and press the Green button.
More info regarding selecting PPV channels can be found at:
Updating Keys:
Click the Blue button then select any one of the Key updaters, if you use [HackSat v9b] then select [mgcamd] and then click the OK button.
Card Readers:
Both the Top & Bottom Card reader's will only work with GBox Emu.
Only the Bottom Card reader is working with all other Emu's.
GBox & CCcam okay, just click the Blue button, and select whichever you require.
For CCcam, add or update your CCcam.cfg file at var/etc.