BBC updates HTML5 stance
By Julian Clover
Published: August 27, 2010 09.03 Europe/London

The BBC has made clear its intention to “embrace and support” HTML5, despite recent concerns voiced by director of Future Media & Technology that the emergence of proprietary HTML5 implementations threatened to undermine the promise of the content presentation standard.

In a post on the BBC Internet Blog, George Wright, head of prototyping, BBC Research and Development, outlines on behalf of the holidaying Huggers that extra resources are being put into support for HTML with a new senior technologist being brought on board to increase the corporation’s involvement in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The new hire, expected to be advertised in the next few weeks, will represent the BBC on a number of standards bodies as well as working on experimental interfaces designed to address some of the issues raised by Huggers in his original.