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Thread: Help Please With Motor Setting ON Dreambox 500

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    Question Help Please With Motor Setting ON Dreambox 500

    Hi M8s
    I need your advice please, I have a echostar ad3000ip and I use this to move from satellite to saterlite.But every time I turn the dreambox 500 back on when I am on a new satellite, and when I turn it back on it will come with moving satellite to what ever satellite, is there a way of turning this off please in the settings,

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    Re: Help Please With Motor Setting ON Dreambox 500

    OK do this, in your decoder configuration, go to your preferred satellite, than , switch off your motor setting and leave like one LB only.Than switch off your dec and restart it, than look into your software if you have a new soft, may be can be this the problem or you change to another one, or can be also a setting you saved from your last firmware and you need get out from this, so re install your firmware and do again all your satellite setting, but start first with the configuration: NO motor, than add your channels, from the first satellite, store it and restart , looking for another sat, with the motor on.
    try it..

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